E911 Uniform Addressing System and Street Naming

The borough created an addressing system called the Uniform Addressing System because the rules for assigning addresses are uniform throughout the whole borough. There are 3 areas that are exempt from the borough assigning addresses to them. These areas are the City of Anderson, Clear Space Force Station (Air Force Base), and Denali National Park. Although these places are exempt they can choose for the borough to assign addresses within their domain. The City of Anderson and Clear already have an addressing system and their addresses will be added to the borough database. The National Park has opted for the borough to assign addresses with their boundaries.

You may hear or see that the addressing system is being called an E9-1-1 system or E9-1-1 Uniform Addressing System which means Enhanced 9-1-1 System.





  **NOTE** For the initial assignment of addresses it will take a couple months for an address to be assigned to applicants due to the number of people applying. The application information needs to be verified and the property/structure locations needs to be added to the address GIS database currently being built. No address assignment letters will be sent until after February 1, 2023. The sooner people apply the sooner the database will be ready to submit to emergency dispatch for their use.

  • Addresses will only be assigned to properties with existing driveway access or driveways being constructed.
  •  Vacant property will not be assigned an address. Addresses are based on physical access to your property along a named street.




RESIDENTIAL / HOME BUSINESS APPLICATION    (If you have a residential and/or home business or a residential structure and 1 additional occupied structure (such as a mother-in-law cabin, above garage apartment) you can use this application.)


 COMMERCIAL BUSINESS APPLICATION    (If you have a commercial business or a residential structure and multiple (2 or more) other structures used for business purposes (such as cabin rentals, lodges, shops, retail space) please use this application.)


Paper New Address Request Form - Fill-in_Format   (Use this paper application form if you have internet connection issues and cannot use the digital applications above)

 FAQ - Addressing & Street Naming





Assigning a street address is a multiple step process.



The borough staff and planning commission will work on going through the public process to adopt an official road name map. This process means we will need to name roads which are currently unnamed or need to be renamed because they are a duplicate or they need to meet code standards.



Click here to use the form to provide general street map comments or to ask questions.   (Please let us know if your street/subdivision was missed)




 As of May 17th, 2023 the Planning Commission has adopted about 95% of proposed Street Names.

View the PDF of the Street Name list below

(The Planning Commission and Assembly decided that there can be no duplicate street names within an EMS Ambulance Service Area)

Adopted Street Name List As of March 9, 2022
STREET NAMES AWAITING DOT REVIEW This is a list of street names awaiting DOT's review for adoption. They have jurisdiction on certain roads.
Proposed Name Changes Since September Meetings These are shown on the online map.