2015 Resolutions

Resolution 15-01 - Postponed Indefinitely 03/11/15 A resolution in support of the Alaska Legislature designating management of the Stampede Road area to the state of Alaska, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, to create the Stampede State Recreation Area
Resolution 15-02 - Approved 02/11/15 A resolution extending appreciation and gratitude to David M. Talerico for the time and energy he dedicated to the Denali Borough Assembly
Resolution 15-03 - Approved 02/11/15 A resolution approving unincorporated communities and their respective non-profit entity for participation in the Fiscal Year 2016 Community Revenue Sharing Program
Resolution 15-04 - Approved 02/11/15 A resolution amending the participation agreement with the state of Alaska, Supplemental Benefits System (SBS) to remove temporary (non-permanent) employees from participation
Resolution 15-05 - Approved 02/11/15 A resolution supporting Governor Walker’s proposed deposit of $57 million into the Revenue Sharing Fund for fiscal year 2016
Resolution 15-06 - Approved 05/13/15 A resolution concerning a solid waste transfer station in the Healy area
Resolution 15-07 - Approved 05/13/15 A resolution pertaining to the asset allocation of the Permanent Investment Fund
Resolution 15-08 - Approved 06/10/15 A resolution to participate in the AMLJIA Loss Control Incentive Program for the Denali Borough
Resolution 15-09 - Approved 08/12/15 A resolution supporting federal designation for the tallest northern American peak as Denali
Resolution 15-10 - Approved 08/12/15 A resolution approving the destruction of records
Resolution 15-11 - Approved 08/12/15 A resolution supporting the Alaska Municipal League adopting position statements
Resolution 15-12 - Approved 11/11/15 A resolution to maintain the current minimum school size at ten (10) students necessary to be counted as a school