2006 Resolutions

Resolution 06-01 - Adopted 01-11-06 A resolution of the Denali Borough Assembly commending the efforts of Jim Siddall and staff of the Artec/Siddall Medical Services for ten years of emergancy and humanitarian medical support to the Denali Borough.
Resolution 06-02 - Adopted 01-11-06 A resolution of the Denali Borough Assembly with a request fro Governot Murkoski to set aside the Stampede Road Improvements until the North Denali Access Route Reconnaissance Study is complete.
Resolution 06-03 - Adpoted 01-11-06 A resolution in support for a new highway to western Alaska.
Resolution 06-04 - Adopted 01-11-06 A resolution in support of the Department for Transportation and Public Facilities to resurface and improve the dreainage of 2nd Avenue, Lake Street, Nenana Avenue, the Cantwell School parking area and the Alaska State Trooper building parking area.
Resolution 06-05 Adopted 03/08/06 A resolution of the Denali Borough Assembly supporting the establishment of a state sponsored community dividend fund.
Resolution 06-06 - Adopted 04-12-06 A resolution supporting the Interior Community Health Center's facility project in the Denali Borough.
Resolution 06-07 - Adopted 04-12-06 A resolution determining the total amount of funding to be made available from Denali Borough sources for school purposes in accordance with DB Code 5.05.090.
Resolution 06-08 Adopted 05-10-06 A resolution of the Assembly of the Denali Borough pertaining to the asset allocation of the Permanent Investment Fund.
Resolution 06-09 Adopted 06/14/06 A resolution in regards to vehicular and pedestrian safety within the Denali Borough.
Resolution 06-10 Adopted 06/14/06 A resolution implementing the National Incident Management System with the Denali Borough.
Resolution 06-11 Adopted 07/12/06 A resolution authorizing the Mayor to exchange Municipal Entitlement Land within the City of Anderson to facilitate the expansion of the septage facility.
Resolution 06-12 Adopted 08/16/06 A resolution to change the composition of the Denali Borough Comprehensive Land Use Plan Ad Hoc Committee
Resolution 06-13 Adopted 09/13/06 A resolution of the Assembly expressing appreciation to the volunteers who assisted in the evacuation plan for the City of Anderson and the Parks Highway corridor during the Parks Highway Fire.
Resolution 06-14 Adopted 10/11/06 A resolution awarding up to three matching grants in accordance with Denali Borough Code 3.21.
Resolution 06-15 Adopted 11/01/06 A resolution allocating $147,906 received from the state of Alaska for the Municipal Assistance Program.
Resolution 06-16 Adopted 11/01/06 A resolution allowing for a high school student from the Denali Borough School District to participate as a non-voting member of the Denali Borough Assembly.
Resolution 06-17 Adopted 11/01/06 A resolution reallocating funds for libraries/non-profits in the Fiscal Year 2007 budget.
Resolution 06-18 Adopted 12/13/06 A resolution giving authority to enter into a contractual credit card agreement with Wells Fargo Bank.
Resolution 06-19 Adopted 12/13/06 A resolution in support of a Denali Borough and School District building.
Resolution 06-20 Adopted 12/13/06 A resolution estending appreciation to Assembly member Sid Michaels.
Resolution 06-21 Adopted 12/13/06 A resolution extending appreciation to Assembly member Bob Shelton.
Resolution 06-22 Adopted 12/13/06 A resolution to reappoint check signers for the borough checking accounts.