Parks Highway Separated Paths Project

Check out the full project vision and the status of funding for different segments of the Parks Highway Separated Path Project. There is still a lot of work to be done, but progress is being made! 


Current Project Underway: Design & Engineering for Two Path Segments
  • Carlo Creek to Crabbies Crossing (MP 224-231)
  • Antler Ridge Trailhead to Stampede Road (MP 245-251)

Visit Alaska DOT&PF's project website for up-to-date project information and timelines. 


Project Funding:

The Denali Borough received $2.18 million in funding through Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) in the federal FY23 appropriations bill for pedestrian pathways along the Parks Highway. The Denali Borough and Alaska DOT&PF have an agreement established where DOT&PF will perform the design and engineering work.  

Denali Borough was recently awarded a Transportation Alternative Program award to fund the construction of the separated facility from Suntrana Road to the Antler Creek trailhead and parking area. 


Project Scope:

The CDS allocation will fund the design and engineering of separated nonmotorized pathways in the Denali Borough that have a "federal nexus". Separated path segments from the 2022 Planning and Environmental Linkages Study that connect local communities to Denali National Park recreation opportunities include Parks Highway Antler Ridge Parking Lot to Suntrana Road, Parks Highway Suntrana Road to Stampede Road, and Parks Highway Carlo Creek to Crabbies Crossing. Denali Borough plans on being the future maintenance entity of these paths, and winter maintenance of these paths (i.e., snow removal) is not anticipated. 

Project Description:

Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) proposes to design separated paths at the following proposed locations in the Denali Borough: Parks Highway Antler Ridge Parking Lot to Suntrana Road, Parks Highway Suntrana to Stampede Road, and Parks Highway Carlo Creek to Crabbies Crossing. This work will encompass all environmental, permitting, design, and agency coordination required to complete Plans, Specifications & Engineer's Estimate (PS&E) sufficient to advertise for a construction contract. Work activities include drainage improvements (culverts and ditch grading and shaping), roadside hardware (signs and guardrail), potential utility relocation, and pedestrian intersection crossing improvements. 


Purpose and Need: 

Increasing visitation to the Denali Borough, due to the attraction of Denali National Park, translates to an increase in pedestrian tourists and seasonal workers who use this section of the Parks Highway. The community connector pathways would accommodate these visitors in a manner that sets them away from the roadway. This would improve the pedestrian experience and increase safety for pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Additionally, communities along the Parks Highway would have a safe trail system for recreation and transportation purposes. These separated pedestrian pathways would connect residential areas, community services and buildings, local businesses, seasonal restaurants and lodging, employee housing, and recreation opportunities. 

Specific benefits include:

  • Improve safety
  • Improve mobility for all transportation modes
  • Balance the needs of all users (includes local residents, visitors/ tourists, through travelers, freight, non-motorized, and recreational uses)
  • Separate motorized and non-motorized uses where reasonable
  • Accommodate increased recreation and tourism demands, in turn to support the economic vitality of the region
  • Create a segment of the Alaska Long Trail, a 500-mile proposed continuous trail, through Denali Borough