Healy Spur Road

The Healy Spur Road Rehabilitation project is being funded through the Alaska DOT&PF Community Transportation Program. The Denali Borough applied for and received funding through this program, supported by the Denali Borough Assembly

Information can be found on the project website, managed by Alaska DOT&PF.


Project Scope

This project will rehabilitate Healy Spur Road. This rehabilitation will begin at the intersection of Healy Spur Road and the Parks Highway and extend east to the intersection of Healy Spur Road and Carbon Way (approximately 1.25 mile). It will widen the road surface to add more shoulder width, replace culverts and improve drainage where necessary, and resurface the existing roadway. Utility relocation and sign replacements will be addressed as needed. The project anticipates using the Panguingue Creek Pit as the material site. 


Project Purpose

The Healy Spur Road connects key features within the community of Healy, including the community center, borough offices, chamber of commerce, post office, and Tri-Valley K-12 School. This project will provide improvements such as a rehabilitation of the roadway, widening the roadway to add shoulder width, and improved drainage where necessary.


Project Need

Pedestrian usage has increased substantially in Healy over the past few years with the expansion of nearby Denali National Park tourist facilities. This project will address increased usage and greater community cohesion, as well as an aging roadway.


Project Status

Construction is scheduled to start in May 2023 and be completed by October 15, 2023.