Conceptual Subdivision Design

The Denali Borough has been working to implement the Denali Borough Land Management Plan, which encompasses approximately 47,000 +/- acres of Municipal Land Entitlements from the State. The overarching intent for borough-owned land is to support uses that meet local needs, in particular uses not possible on land in other ownerships, including developed residential and commercial activities, local public facilities, and uses that expand local economic opportunities.


There is a current and real need to make accessible and developable land available for residents and families to build a home. The Denali Borough Planning Commission began assessing Borough land classified as residential in the fall of 2022 to identify potential locations for a future subdivision. A public survey was released in November 2022 to gauge what type of dwelling, location, and lot size residents prioritize in our community. Based on that feedback and input from the Planning Commission, a conceptual design for Borough land on Lignite Road has been developed. This is a first step to engage the public in what a new residential subdivision could look like for our community.    


The 6-page conceptual design includes green space buffers, established social trails, locations of existing utility lines, ideas for access points of new roads, and three variations of the number and size of lots for this location. The Denali Borough wants to hear from its residents, both current and those hoping to make this place their permanent home.


A questionnaire has been developed to solicit public feedback. Please share your ideas on what could make this concept better, or what components of this concept are not supported and why. Consider this design in the context of its location on Lignite, but also in a general sense - lot sizes, road miles and alignment, trails, greenspace, etc. In addition, there is a list of requirements that could be considered in the development of any borough-built residential subdivision. Consider what types of requirements would make a residential area a place you would want to live.



From the Denali Borough Land Management Plan: Goals for Use of Borough-Owned Land

  • Economy – manage borough-owned lands to enhance the sustainable health and diversity of the local economy, and to support opportunities for borough residents to seek economic security.
  • Quality of Life – manage borough-owned lands to support the range of characteristics that make this a good place to live, including access to public lands and waters, efficient and adequate public facilities, the right to be free from interference in chosen lifestyles, and the right to live in a clean, safe, and orderly environment.
  • Growth – manage borough-owned lands to provide more opportunities for people to make a life in the borough, in particular to provide more chances for young people/young families to own land for homes.
  • Environment – manage borough-owned lands to protect the health and quality of Borough’s unique natural setting, considering individual borough properties as well as adjoining lands.
  • Fiscal Health – manage borough-owned lands to generate revenue, for example, through sales, leases or permit fees, to help support public services and facilities needed by borough residents and businesses, including exceptional educational opportunities.