Zoning or Land Use Plans

All land in the borough is zoned general use unless otherwise provided by an ordinance or a local option zoning district. Some land uses may be restricted and therefore may require a conditional use permit. [Ord. 20-15] per DBC 9.15.020 Land zoned general use.

Three ordinances have been passed putting restrictions on land within the Denali Borough:

  • Ordinance 98-08: The land area surrounding the Denali Borough landfill is zoned industrial/commercial. Further information about the zoning of the landfill can be found in Chapter 9.20 of the Denali Borough Code.
  • Ordinance 02-05: This ordinance amended Ord. 96-12 setting up the subarea land use plan for the Village View Subdivision.
  • Ordinance 20-15: This ordinance amended Ord. 96-04 setting up conditional use permits system by Ordinance 20-16 per DBC 9.16. (Online code is in the process of being updated)