Denali Area Airport Planning Study

Project Information on the Denali Area Airport Planning Study (DAAPS) can be found on the Alaska DOT&PF Project Webpage


Alaska DOT&PF is conducting an aviation system planning study for airports serving the residents, visitors, agencies, and businesses of the Denali Borough. The DOT&PF is contracted with RESPEC Company, LLC (RESPEC; formerly PDC Engineers) to lead the consultant team, which includes DOWL, Uqaqti, Information Insights, Liebowitz-Horton, Dryden Industries, and Marshal Arts Design. We are Alaskans, planning for the future, together.

The Denali Area Airport Planning Study (DAAPS) is funded by an Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and conducted in accordance with FAA policies, procedures, and guidance for Aviation System Planning (AC 150/5070-7 Change 1 Exit Site icon). The purpose of airport system planning is to assess the public-use airports, determine if they meet the needs of the area, and recommend future airport infrastructure investment that aligns with federal priorities and state and local objectives. This dynamic process depends on active participation from all stakeholders to gather accurate information, identify issues, address concerns, document needs, and explore alternatives.