Subdivision Plats

These are the original plats from when the subdivisions were platted. These do not reflect any changes such as replats or vacations.
Anderson Subdivision Plat# 80-4, PDF format
Art Anderson Homestead Plat 65-144, PDF format
Aspen Acres Subdivison Plat 65-228, PDF format
Carlson Subdivision Plat 95-24, PDF format
Cantwell Heights Subdivision Plat# 71-273, PDF format
Fox Estates Plat 2004-9, PDF Format
Hager Subdivision Plat 2007-9, PDF Format
June Creek Subdivision Plat 80-9, PDF format
Landfill Plat PDF format
Otto Lake Alaska Subdivison Plat# 68-306, PDF format
Panguingue Creek Plat# 80-1, PDF format
Quota Subdivision Plat 81-5, PDF format
Ridgetop Subdivision Plat# 2008-10, PDF format
Tri-Valley Subdivision Plat 78-9, PDF format
Village View Subdivision Plat 85-11, PDF format
Yedatene Na Subdivision Plat# 2009-11, PDF format