Management Plan for Borough Municipal Land

The planning commission received the draft management plan for borough municipal land at their July 16th,2019 meeting. The plan is 93 pages so the Planning Commission has chosen to address certain municipal parcels at each meeting and then they will pass that section along to the assembly for review. The assembly has to adopt the management plan per Denali Borough Code 4.10.010. 


A majority of the classification Information in the plan came from the engagement with AgNew Beck when they provided us with the document "Denali Borough Recommendations for an Improved Land Management System Report" in November 2015. In the summer of 2015 Agnew Beck and borough staff held public meetings in Anderson, Healy, McKinley Village and Cantwell to gather information on what the public would like to see parcels classified. 


The Planning Commission reviewed the various areas at their meetings before passing them along to the assembly.

At the August 20th, 2019 meeting the commission reviewed:

  • Sections covering Panguingue, Healy, Otto Lake and Slate Creek
  • They also passed along the Tri-Valley School and Anderson School properties since those parcels were granted to the borough for a public facility.

 At the Sept. 18th, 2019 meeting the commission reviewed:

  • Sections covering Northern Anderson Road, Clear Airport, Swan Lake, Landfill and Antler Creek

At the Oct. 16th, 2019 meeting the commission reviewed:

  • Sections covering Kobe Ag. North 40's, Brown's Court, Windy Hills, Quota Subdivision, Rex Bridge, East, & West

At the  January 15th, 2020 meeting the commission reviewed:

  • The sections covered will be Ferry, Montana Creek, Yanert, Yanert B, Nenana River 1 & Nenana River 2.


The assembly reviewed the management plan as a whole document with all the areas at once. The Assembly adopted the management plan July 8, 2020. The assembly amended the plan on December 14, 2022 by expanding the allowed land uses for the Tri-Valley School property on page 66.


Denali Borough Code

4.10.010  Management Plans.

A.    The mayor or designee shall prepare a written management plan for borough real properties where required in this section. The planning commission shall review, and the assembly will provide final approval.

B.    A management plan is required before any real property management action may occur including, but not limited to, any disposal, sale, lease, exchange, or permit.

C.    Management plans provide a basis for well-informed decisions on the best use of borough real property, particularly where larger blocks of borough real property have the potential for a variety of uses. Specific objectives for management plans include:

1.    Provide better understanding of current and potential uses.
2.    Provide the opportunity for public involvement.
3.    Develop broad goals for the affected real property.
4.    Identify appropriate land use classification(s), standards and guidelines.

D.    A management plan shall contain two elements:

1.    Information about the real property parcel, including:
a.    Physical characteristics of the parcel, for example, elevations and slopes, vegetation, and water bodies.
b.    Current and potential access, including roads, trails, airstrips.
c.    Current and potential uses on site and on surrounding properties; any potential public health, safety, or welfare issues.
d.    Improvements (e.g., buildings, infrastructure).
e.    Easements, leases, and permits; utilities or other infrastructure serving or crossing the parcel.
2.    Management policies, including:
a.    Overall goals and objectives.
b.    Classification(s), including boundaries and management intent statement for each classification area.
c.    Plans for access and other needed infrastructure.
d.    Site-specific management standards and guidelines.
e.    Implementation actions and schedule.
f.    Objectives for terms and conditions of use for real property intended for disposal sale, lease, or permits shall be described.


Denali Borough Land Management Plan Amended December 14, 2022