Short Plats & Subdivision Plats

Under this link you will find the application and other documents for Subdividing / Replatting / Vacations.

 Please review this information carefully and if you have further questions or need help, please feel free to contact us.

*Title 9.10 Subdivision was recently updated please review this chapter of code for changes. Passed by ordinance 19-10 on August 7th 2019.*

Please submit to the Land Office the sketch of the petition area with the requested vacation shown and the list of adjoining land owners with their addresses to the land office 50 days before the next scheduled Planning Commission meeting. There is a 30 day public notice period.


Items to remember for subdivision, replat, and vacation plats:

1. Please Review the Subdivision Checklist before submitting plat.

2. If applicant is not the owner of the property then an authorization form must be signed and notarized by the owner and attached to this application.

3. A letter of non-objection must be submitted with this application from all utility companies involved in easement vacations, (e.g. Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) and Mantanuska Telephone Association, Inc. (MTA))

4. Preliminary Plat Submission- compliance with DBC 9.10.100(A) Platting Standard.

Preliminary Plats can be submitted as an electronic pdf copy or speak with Land Office about submitting paper copies bigger than 11" x 17" for the number needed

5. Preliminary plats shall be submitted to the DB Land Office at least eleven (11) days prior to a regularly scheduled planning commission meeting per DBC 9.10.090(A)(3) for Subdivision Plats( 5 or more lots).


Additional Owner Information Sheet - fill in format This form is if there is more than 2 property owners or multiple
Authorization Form for someone other than land owner to subdivide Permission for someone other than land owner to subdivide the parcel.PDF format
Procedure for Amending Plats PDF fill in format