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The Denali Borough has levied taxes on Overnight Accommodations, the sale of Alcohol & Marijuana, and the severance of gravel, coal, and limestone. The Denali Borough has no property tax. More tax code information can be found in the Denali Borough Code (DBC) or by contacting the Borough office at (907) 683-1330.


The current tax rate for Overnight Accommodations is 7.5%, Alcohol and Marijuana is 5.0%, and Severance is $0.05 per ton.


2024 Quarterly Tax Return Due Dates are as follows:
Quarter 1: January 1-March 31, 2023 - Return due April 30th
Quarter 2: April 1-June 30 - Return due July 31st
Quarter 3: July 1-September 30 - Return due October 31st
Quarter 4: October 1-December 31 - Return due February 3rd, 2025

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Tax Payment Methods

Tax payments are accepted in person at the Denali Borough office, by mail, or online. Delinquent returns and/or tax payments are subject to penalties per Denali Borough Code.

  • Pay Online: Electronic payments are accepted through Value Payment Systems. All payments are processed immediately and the date is equal to the time you completed the transaction. Payment must be received by the return due date to not be delinquent. A convenience fee of 2.95% (minimum $1.95) will be charged for all debit or credit card payments and a $1.95 fee will be charged for eCheck payments.
  • By mail: Check payments mailed to P.O. Box 480 Healy, AK 99743 must be postmarked by the return due date to not be delinquent.
  • In person: Cash or check payments must be received at the Borough Office by the end of business day on the day the return is due to not be delinquent.



The Tax FAQ contains commonly asked questions related to taxes. Contact the Borough Office by phone or email to with any additional tax questions.

 View the Denali Borough Tax FAQ.


Overnight Accommodations Tax

Alcohol & Marijuana Tax

Severance Tax

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