Minutes of the Public Hearing

Denali Borough Assembly

McKinley Village Community Center

January 8, 2002


CALL TO ORDER:  Presiding Officer Jim Caswell called the meeting to order at


ROLL CALL               Assembly members present were: David Evans, Baxter Mercer, Teresa Hall, Jim Caswell, Carol Shields, Neal Laugman, Bob Shelton, Sid Michaels, Gerald Pollock, and Mayor Talerico.


1.)  Ordinance 02-11, an ordinance creating Title IV, Chapter 28 of the Denali Borough Code of Ordinances providing for evaluation and acquisition of economic development land by the Borough. The ordinance pertains to Northern Access into the Park.


Healy resident Linda Paganelli said she fought like a dog to defeat HB 244.  She said one of the reasons she feels like this bill is atrocious is because the bill has the Alaska Legislature picking the Borough’s land selections for them!  She said the bill also tells the Borough what it will do on those selections, and with whom!  Paganelli said this ordinance upsets her because she wants to know why the Borough is offering him an incentive as stated in the ordinance.  She said how can we determine we’re going to cut him a deal when we don’t even know what is out there!  She said she doesn’t believe we need to entice Joe Fields.  She said we might have other companies that may cut us a better deal.  Paganelli said she thinks the ordinance premature!  She reminded the Assembly that they are in charge of a $1.65 million study.  She said when the study is completed it will be a big reflection on the Borough’s future funding requests.  She said HB 244 has a deadline of 2010, so the Borough has time to deal with that after the study is completed.


2.)  Ordinance 02-12, an ordinance amending the procedure for filing a vacancy on the Borough Assembly.


Healy resident David Braun, said he objects to secret ballot method utilized in the ordinance.  He said he feels he has the right to know how his representatives vote.  Braun said that way he will know whether to run against him or vote against him.  He also said as far as delegating some of the Mayor’s duties to the Clerk, he thinks that is a bad idea.  He said the Mayor’s an elected official.  He said the Assembly decides who gets on the assembly.  He said it was proved at the last meeting that the Assembly is perfectly capable of overriding any suggestion that the Mayor may have.


ADJOURNMENT      CASWELL declared the public hearing adjourned at 7:05 p.m.


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