Minutes of the Work Session

Denali Borough Assembly

Tri-Valley Community Center

December 11, 2002


CALL TO ORDER    Presiding Officer Jim Caswell called the work session to order at 6:30 pm.


ROLL CALL               Assembly members present were: Jim Caswell, Gerald Pollock, Sid Michaels, Carol Shields, Baxter Mercer, Bob Shelton, David Evans and Mayor Talerico.


There were no items listed on the work session agenda.  CASWELL asked Mayor Talerico to give his monthly report.


Mayor Talerico said he became a grandfather last night to Brianna Lynn, and as a result has had very little sleep in the last two days.


Mayor Talerico said he attended the TRAAK Board meeting in Anchorage and there are three options being discussed for the right-of-way issue in the Nenana Canyon:  Option 1 is encroachment permits to adjoining owners, Option 2 is a Local Public Agencies (LPA) Agreement with local government, and Option 3 is Encroachment Permit with local government.  He said the TRAAK Board has endorsed other projects and committees the Borough has presented.  He said the TRAAK Board has been openly in support of Borough plans for the Canyon.  He said we want to decide what we want to do in our local community. 


Mayor Talerico said on November 25, 2002 he went to Fairbanks to meet with Senator Seekins and Representative  Guttenberg.  He said he presented them with the Denali Borough “wish list”.  He said he also attended the GVEA Board of Director’s meeting that same day in Fairbanks.  Mayor Talerico said several residents that live from Stampede Road to the microwave tower participated in the GVEA meeting.  The Mayor said last year we were all under the impression that the appropriation would go to electrify the residents of the above-mentioned area, and that did not occur.  Instead the funds were used to electrify 9 residences south of Fairbanks instead of the 72 applicants who applied that live near Rock Creek.  He said the request for their electrification has been changed to $1.2 million.  It seemed to him that the President of GVEA and the GVEA Board of Director’s aren’t seeing eye to eye concerning the electrification project.  He said the folks in the Rock Creek area have formed a non-profit to work on obtaining electricity for their area.


On December 5, 2002, the Mayor went to Fairbanks with Wayne Valcq, Neal Laugman, and Dave Sawatzky to meet with the interior Delegation and/or their aides to discuss the electrification project.  He said Therriault is in favor of helping with the proposed project. 


Mayor Talerico said he had put in a call to Jeff Stacer, the Federal Director of the Denali Commission.  The Mayor said the Borough does not want to hang all of its hopes on the State Legislature for project funding.  The Mayor has extended an invitation to Mr. Stacer to visit the Borough.  Mayor Talerico said they would not designate that area rural.


Mayor Talerico said the Borough owns a huge chunk of land near Slate Creek.  He said the Borough currently has management authority over that land, and if a power line goes in near there, that would be beneficial to the Borough owned lands.


Mayor Talerico said the NARS (Northern Access Reconnaissance Study) scoping meetings are tentatively set for January 6, 2003, in Fairbanks, and January 7, 2003 in Healy. 


                                    Mayor Talerico requested that the January Assembly meeting be moved to January 15, 2003 to allow the staff adequate time to prepare for the meeting.


                                    MICHAELS said he would like to see HB244 on a future work session so the Assembly can be up to speed on this issue.


ADJOURNMENT      CASWELL declared the regular meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.



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Date Approved:  January 8, 2003