Minutes of the Work Session

Denali Borough Assembly

Cantwell School

October 13, 2002


CALL TO ORDER    Presiding Officer Jerry Mueller called the work session to order at 2:00 pm.


ROLL CALL               Assembly members present were: Jim Caswell, Jerry Mueller, Teresa Hall, David Talerico, Sid Michaels, Carol Shields and Mayor Gonzales.   Assembly members Gerald Pollock, Teresa Usibelli, and Jim Payne were absent.


                                    Mayor Gonzales introduced Mr. Ralph Seekins who is running for Senate Seat D. 


                                    Mayor Gonzales said he is going to withdraw the proposed ordinance that deals with HB244.  He said he fully supports this ordinance, but he feels the next administration should handle this issue.  He said HB244 is a law passed by the legislature that should be carried out correctly.  Mayor Gonzales said this ordinance is very important to the Borough. 


                                    1.) Ordinance 02-09, Version A, an ordinance amending the Denali Borough Code of Ordinances, Chapter 68, Section 1, concerning location of the polls.


MICHAELS stated that this is just a housekeeping ordinance to correct the Borough Code.


                                    2.)  Ordinance 02-10, Version A, an ordinance amending the Denali Borough Code of Ordinances, Appendix of forms B, D, and G.


MICHAELS said this is also a housekeeping ordinance that corrects the Code after the recent redistricting.  He suggested several changes that were typos throughout the ordinance and said the districts should be in the same order throughout the ordinance.


3.)  Discussion regarding residency requirements.


MICHAELS said that the Attorney letter states that the Borough Clerk, as the Elections Supervisor, is responsible for ascertaining if someone is a resident. 


MICHAELS said he would like to again request that some of the joint work sessions with the school board be held in Anderson and Cantwell.  He said all those work sessions are scheduled to be held in Healy.  MICHAELS reminded everyone that Cantwell and Anderson are still a part of the Borough. 


HALL said we have a new School District Superintendent who may not know that some Assembly members requested that some of the work sessions be held in Anderson and Cantwell.  She said she would meet with him after he returns to Healy.


MICHAELS said he likes the idea of the Assembly presiding Officer and the School Board President setting the time and dates for the work session together.  


Mayor Gonzales gave the Assembly a verbal report on the Borough Landfill.  He said the project to obtain gravel for daily cover for the winter was complete.  He said the Borough Administration had worked with a local contractor and saved the Borough money by utilizing the knowledge of the local contractor.  Mayor Gonzales said the Borough had to rent a bigger loader and dozer than the ones at the landfill to make the job more expedient and cost efficient.


Mayor Gonzales said the cost of the project was $21,000, not $60,000.


Mayor Gonzales said the administration is still working with Clear Air Base to begin accepting coal ash at the Landfill.  He said Eielson Air Base has approved the coal ash deliveries, but Clear Air Base is still having problems with who’s in charge of the deliveries, etc.


ADJOURNMENT      MUELLER declared the work session adjourned at 2:22 pm.




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