Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Denali Borough Assembly

Cantwell School

October 13, 2002


CALL TO ORDER    Presiding Officer Jerry Mueller called the regular meeting to order at 3:02 pm.


ROLL CALL               Assembly members present were: Jim Caswell, Jerry Mueller, Teresa Hall, David Talerico Sid Michaels, Carol Shields and Mayor Gonzales.   Assembly members Gerald Pollock, Teresa Usibelli, and Jim Payne were absent.


                                    The Chair entertained a MOTION to excuse the absent members, HALL so MOVED and SHIELDS seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


AGENDA                   HALL MOVED to approve the agenda, and TALERICO seconded. 


MICHAELS requested adding “Appointment of Canvass Committee” to the agenda as item K.) 2. A.


The Chair entertained a MOTION to remove the ordinance concerning HB 244 from the agenda.  HALL so MOVED and MICHAELS seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


Mayor Gonzales reiterated his statements he made during the work session concerning this proposed ordinance. 


HALL MOVED to approve the agenda as amended, and SHIELDS seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


                                    MUELLER gave the meeting to TALERICO, as TALERICO is the Chairman of the Planning Committee.


PLANNING                1.)  Update on DNR’s request to receive a public right-of-way from

COMMISSION           the Borough for two roads in order to legalize access to the Rex Trail.


                                    Land Technician Gail Pieknik said she has spoken with DNR, and they have not heard from DOT or the Alaska Railroad concerning this matter.  MICHAELS said evidently they are not in as big as rush as they led us to believe. 


                                    2.)  Temporary Land Use application procedure.


                                    Pieknik said the Land Use Planning Committee (LUPC) is submitting this for Assembly approval.  She suggested the Assembly refer the fee schedule back to the LUPC fro their review and recommendation.  Pieknik asked that the Assembly review and approve the temporary permit application and procedure section of the paperwork.


MICHAELS MOVED to send the Temporary Land Use fee schedule  back to the LUPC for their review and recommendation.  HALL seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


                                    MICHAELS MOVED to carry the application and procedures paperwork to all the communities via the work session and public hearing sections of the agenda for public input.  HALL seconded, and the VOTE was unanimous. 


CASWELL said this document is very complex and may not be appropriate for all applicants.  Pieknik said the LUPC made it as simple as possible, but at the same time protecting the borough land.


                                    TALERICO, as a member of the LUPC, requested that the Planning Commission Vice-chair take over the Planning commission meeting so he could speak to this issue.  Vice-Chairman CASWELL took over the meeting. 


                                    TALERICO said this document started out as a much larger and more involved document.  He said not everything in this application and procedure manual applies to every applicant.


                                    TALERICO took over as Chairman of the Planning Commission meeting, and retuned the meeting to Presiding Officer MUELLER.


MINUTES                   1.)  September 8, 2002:  Work Session, Public Hearing, and Regular Meeting.


HALL MOVED to approve the September 8, 2002 work session, public hearing, and regular meeting minutes.  SHIELDS seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.



FINANCIAL                HALL MOVED to receive the August financial report, and

REPORT                    TALERICO seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


SUPT.                         Denali Borough School District Superintendent Bob Whicker’s

REPORT                    report was submitted in writing.      


COMMITTEE             HALL stated that the Personnel Committee would be meeting on

REPORT                    October 30, 2002 at the Tri-Valley Community Center.  She said the agenda would include the Ethics Ordinance.


ASSEMBLY               MICHAELS stated that he does not think that we are to a point

COMMENTS             where we need term limits other than through the voting process.

He said four Assembly seats on the upcoming ballots are

uncontested, and two school board seats no one filed as a



PUBLIC                      Healy resident David Braun said on Page 5, line 41 of the regular

COMMENTS             meeting minutes he said “home” not residence.  He said there is not a chance on the agenda for someone to suggest changes to the minutes before the Assembly adopts them.  He also said the minutes are not available to the public until the meeting, and he feels that prohibits people from having an impact on the minutes.  He said he would like the Assembly to address that issue. 


Healy resident Jeff Yanuchi reminded the Assembly that there would be a “meet the candidates” night on October 17, 2002 at the Tri-Valley School.  He said the Leadership class is working in conjunction with the Denali Citizens Council.


COMMUNICATION   1.)  Mayor Tim Anderson, Mat-Su Borough.


APPEARANCES      MUELLER said he would not be in attendance today.


                                    2.)  Mr. Ralph Seekins and Mr. Tom Scarborough.


                                    Mayor Gonzales reintroduced Mr. Ralph Seekins who is running for

Senate seat D.


ORDINANCES          1.) Ordinance 02-09, Version A, an ordinance amending the Denali Borough Code of Ordinances, Chapter 68, Section 1, concerning location of the polls.


MICHAELS MOVED to adopt the ordinance as presented, and CASWELL seconded.  The roll call VOTE was unanimous.


                                    2.)  Ordinance 02-10, Version A, an ordinance amending the Denali Borough Code of Ordinances, Appendix of forms B, D, and G.


MICHAELS MOVED to amend the ordinance by correcting the order of the Assembly districts, and several typos.  TALERICO seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


MICHAELS MOVED to adopt, and CASWELL seconded.  The roll call VOTE was unanimous.


RESOLUTIONS        1.)  Revised Capital Matching Grant resolution for Fiscal Year 2004.


HALL MOVED to approve, SHIELDS seconded.  The roll call VOTE was unanimous.  This will be Resolution 02-12.


OTHER                       1.)  Resignation of Assembly Member Jim Payne.


HALL MOVED to accept PAYNE resignation with regret, and MICHAELS seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


                                    2.)  Approval of Election Board for the November 2002 Election.


MICHAELS MOVED to approve, SHIELDS seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


3.)  Appoint Canvass Committee.


MICHAELS said the Assembly should appoint themselves or a group of people as the Canvass Committee.  He said if the Special Meeting to certify the election is held after the Canvass meeting, then a quorum of the assembly will need to be there to conduct the meeting.   


HALL MOVED to appoint HALL, CASWELL, SHIELDS, MUELLER, TALERICO, and MICHAELS as the canvass committee and MICHAELS seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


HALL MOVED to hold the Canvass Meeting on November 7, 2002, at 6:00 p.m., and MICHAELS seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.  The motion also included holding the Special meeting after the Canvass meeting to certify the election.


                                    3.)  Public Comments.


There were no public comments. 


ASSEMBLY               HALL stated that some of the candidates have not received the

COMMENTS             notice for the “meet the candidates” night, and they have not

received the list of questions for that night either. those questions


TALERICO said the minutes are heavy with quotes and he does not have the memory capacity to remember all that was said during the last meeting.  He said this is reference to Mr. Braun’s request that to change his quote in the minutes.


TALERICO MOVED to have the Clerk research Mr. Braun’s statement in the regular meeting minutes, page five, line 41.  Braun said the minutes should read “home” not “residence”.  This item will be on the next agenda.  SHIELDS seconded, and the VOTE was unanimous.


Braun spoke in favor of TALERICO’s motion, and said he would like to see the public be able to comment on the minutes before the Assembly approves them.


TIME AND PLACE   1.)  Set time and place of next Regular Assembly Meeting to be

OF MEETINGS         held in Anderson.  (November 17, 2002)


The Regular Assembly Meeting will be held on November 17, 2002, at the Anderson School.


ADJOURNMENT      MUELLER declared the Regular Meeting adjourned at 3:42 pm.



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