A Resolution supporting the City of Anderson’s State of Alaska Capital Improvement Project (CIP) request for Regional Septage Facility improvements;


Whereas, Anderson operates a septage disposal facility which serves the Denali Borough and Nenana; and


Whereas, septage disposal demand in the Denali Borough has exceeded Anderson septage facility receiving and permitted capacity; and


Whereas, the Denali Borough Sanitation Improvement Feasibility Study, January 2003, recommends expanding the Anderson septage facility; and


Whereas, the City of Anderson completed a Wastewater Feasibility Study in 2004, which confirmed both the need for the septage facility expansion and Anderson’s capacity to operate it; and


Whereas, the Anderson Wastewater Feasibility Study also concluded that a community wastewater collection system was feasible, and that there was capital economy to be gained by constructing a joint wastewater lagoon – septage disposal facility; and


Whereas, the Anderson FY06 CIP makes provision to construct a joint wastewater lagoon – septage facilty; and


Whereas, hauling and disposing of septage to existing facilities outside of Anderson and the Borough (e.g., Fairbanks) is cost prohibitive; and


Whereas, the Anderson septage facility serves the entire Denali Borough.


Now therefore be it resolved:  that the Denali Borough Assembly supports the City of Anderson FY06 CIP application to expand and improve the Anderson septage facility. 


PASSED AND APPROVED by the Denali Borough Assembly this 8th day of September, 2004.


                                                                        David M. Talerico, Mayor


ATTEST:                                                         SIGNATURE ON FILE

                                                                                Borough Clerk