Minutes of the Work Session

Denali Borough Assembly

Anderson School

November 17, 2002


CALL TO ORDER            Presiding Officer Jerry Mueller called the work session to order at 2:00 pm.


ROLL CALL               Assembly members present were: Jim Caswell, Jerry Mueller, Teresa Hall, Gerald Pollock, Sid Michaels, and Carol Shields.    Assembly member Teresa Usibelli was absent.  


1.)  Temporary Land Use application procedures.


MICHAELS had several minimal suggestions for clarification.


MICHAELS for an explanation of an aliquot part.


Discussion followed, and an aliquot part is a rectangular land survey, dealing with ¼ of ¼ sections.


MICHAELS asked who decides what the acceptable limit is for insurance coverage.  He also asked how we would determine what is “reasonable satisfaction” as stated on page 5, section 12, of the permit. 


CASWELL said he would like to know how hard it would be for a local group, like the boy scouts, to use Borough land. Discussion followed.


MICHAELS said he would like to have the attorney address 1.) a definition of “reasonable satisfaction”, and the applicability of a waiver for non-profit use of Borough land.


Discussion continued and MICHAELS noted a few typos and appropriate tense of words throughout the document.  Land Technician Gail Pieknik noted the items that should be changed.


MICHAELS expressed his appreciation to the Land Use Planning Committee for all their hard work on this document.


MICHAELS said he had been asked by members of the public to change the order of the items under Roll Call on the regular meeting agenda.  He said the request would be to appoint Assembly Seat G after the new Assembly members are sworn in. 


ADJOURNMENT            MUELLER declared the work session adjourned at 2:22 pm.




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Date Approved:  January 8, 2003