INTRODUCED BY:  Sid Michaels





BE IT ENACTED by the Assembly of the Denali Borough, Alaska that:



Section 1.  Classification. 


This ordinance is of a general and permanent nature.



Section 2.  Description.


The following provides for the formation and function of the Denali Borough Personnel Standing Committee.



A.  Purpose.  Until such time as rescinded by ordinance, there will be a standing committee known as the Personnel Committee.  The purpose of this committee is to advise the Assembly on matters referred to the committee by the Assembly.  Also, the committee may advise the Assembly concerning Borough Personnel matters when the committee so chooses.


B.  Number of Members.  The Committee will be comprised of 5 regular members, and the Mayor as an ex-officio member.


C.  Qualifications.  All members of the Personnel Committee must meet the qualifications of a voter as contained in Chapter 66, Section 2 of the Denali Borough Code of Ordinances.


D.  Selection of Members.  Members of the Assembly and/or the Mayor shall suggest names of proposed committee members to be approved by the Assembly.  The letters "A" through "E" will be used to designate the seats on the committee.


E.  Terms.  The first members appointed after the formation of this committee shall be for one (1) or two (2) years as follows.  Seats "A" through "C" will be for two (2) year terms, and seats "D" through "E" for one (1) year terms.  Their successors shall hold the committee seat for a term of two (2) years, and until their successors are appointed and qualified.


F.  Vacancies.  A committee seat shall become vacant upon death, failure to qualify, resignation or removal of a committee member by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Assembly.  Vacant seats shall be filled in the same manner as described in Section D.  A member so appointed will fill out the term of that committee seat.


G.  Officers.  The committee at its first meeting after formation will select a chairperson and vice chairperson, and any other officers the committee deems necessary.  Annually, at the first meeting held in the calendar year, the committee will select its officers for that year. The committee at anytime, by a majority vote, may add or delete officers with the exception of the chairperson and vice chairperson.


H.  Meetings.


1.)        Procedures.  The committee procedures contained in Ordinance 92-14, and Roberts Rules of Order 9th edition will apply.


2.)        Regular meetings.  Regular meetings will be held per Section 14 of Ordinance 92-14.  However, a minimum of one (1) meeting within the first six (6) months of the calendar year to select officers will be held.


3.)        Special meetings.  Special meetings will be held as per Section 15 of Ordinance 92-14.


4.)        Records.  Minutes of all committee meetings will be kept, and a copy submitted to the Borough Clerk.


I.  Budget.  If appropriations of funds are to be requested, the committee shall submit a budget request to the Mayor no later than March first (1st) preceding the fiscal year for which the funds are requested.  If the committee receives funds from or through the Borough, then an accounting of the funds must be submitted to the Borough Clerk/Treasurer within sixty (60) days of the end of the fiscal year.



Section 3.  Effective Date.  This ordinance becomes effective upon adoption by the Denali Borough Assembly and signature of the Mayor.



                             DATE INTRODUCED:   October 11, 1992 


                             FIRST READING:     October 11, 1992 


                             PUBLIC HEARING:    January 10, 1993 



PASSED and APPROVED by the DENALI BOROUGH ASSEMBLY this 10th day of January, 1993.


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                                            Borough Clerk