Minutes of the Public Hearing

Denali Borough Assembly

Cantwell School

June 9, 2002


CALL TO ORDER    Presiding Officer Jerry Mueller called the public hearing to order at 3:00 pm.


ROLL CALL               Assembly members present were: Sid Michaels, Jim Caswell, Jerry Mueller, Teresa Hall, Jim Payne, Gerald Pollock, Carol Shields, David Talerico and Mayor Gonzales.  Assembly member Teresa Usibelli was absent due to a family emergency.


1.)   Ordinance 02-05, version A, an ordinance amending the Sub Area Land Use Plan for Village View Subdivision.


Chris Capps, Village View resident   brought 34 signed affidavits from most of the residents of Village View, that are in support of this ordinance.  She asked the Assembly to support the ordinance.  She said some of the people she has spoken with think this plan amendment is not strict enough! 


Village View resident Joe Van Horn spoke in support of the ordinance.   


Village View resident Linda Franklin said she is also here to voice support for this ordinance.  She said this process began in late 2000 and has been an inclusive effort.  She said letters have been sent to all resident and landowners asking for their input.  She said the Borough Attorney, the Mayor, and Borough employees Gail Pieknik and Eileen Armstrong have worked on this document.  Franklin said we are talking about less than 150 acres of land that makes up the subdivision. She said she would like the subdivision to be maintained as a quiet, pedestrian friendly neighborhood.


2.)   Ordinance 02-06, Version A, an ordinance providing for an Ethics Commission and providing for disposition of alleged violation.


Denali Borough School District Superintendent Chris Hagar encouraged the Assembly to proceed with the ethics violation policy and procedure ordinance. 


ADJOURNMENT      MUELLER declared the Public Hearing adjourned at 3:10 pm.



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