Minutes of the Special Meeting

Denali Borough Assembly

Tri-Valley Community Center

Sugarloaf Room, Healy, Alaska

November 7, 2002


CALL TO                    Presiding Officer Jerry Mueller called the special meeting to order

ORDER                      at 8:46 p.m.


ROLL CALL               Assembly members present were: Sid Michaels, Jim Caswell, Teresa Hall, Carol Shields, Jerry Mueller, Gerald Pollock, Teresa Usibelli, David Talerico, and Mayor Gonzales.


AGENDA                   The Chair entertained a MOTION to approve the agenda.  HALL so MOVED and SHIELDS seconded.  The VOTE was unanimous.


CERTIFICATION       1.)  Certification of the November 5, 2002 election results.


The Chair entertained a MOTION to certify the November 5, 2002 election results.  SHIELDS so MOVED and MICHAELS seconded.  The ROLL call VOTE was unanimous.


PUBLIC                      David Braun asked if the Certification came by the Assembly or the

COMMENTS             Canvass Committee.  MUELLER stated that it is the Assembly.  He explained that it is the reason that we are having a special meeting. 


Neal Laugman, North District Resident, asked if this item is also on the November 17, 2002 regular Assembly meeting.  The Clerk explained that it was put on the agenda in case there was not a quorum for this special meeting. 


OATH OF OFFICE   Mayor Gonzales administered the Oath of Office to Mayor David

FOR THE MAYOR    Talerico.


ADJOURNMENT      HALL declared the special meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.









Date Approved:  January 8, 2003